CRISP (Evaluation and Certification Schemes for Security Products) is a three year project (April 2014 – March 2017) that aims to facilitate a harmonised playing field for the European security industry by developing a robust methodology for security product certification. CRISP will enhance existing security evaluation and certification schemes by offering an innovative evaluation methodology that integrates security, trust, efficiency and freedom infringement assessment dimensions. The proposed scheme will be based on a taxonomy encompassing a variety of security products and services across applications, taking into account the varying roles of a diverse stakeholder community including manufacturers, regulatory and certification bodies, data protection authorities and end users.  The project will engage with each group to gather insights in order to assist with avoiding acceptance problems that challenge current schemes.

Its key output will be an EU Security Certification Manual, which will leverage the information gleaned from the analysis of existing certification schemes in WP2, WP3 (stakeholder needs and requirements), WP4 (analysis of the core dimensions) and WP5 (development and testing). The project partners will develop a certification manual specifying standards and requirements for certification and accreditation of security products. The manual will be targeted at certification and accreditation bodies and inter alia, set out their roles and responsibilities.

Overall, CRISP will aim to help the European security industry maintain its status as a leader in the global security industry. The project will also help Europe progress towards harmonised security certification by determining the requirements for successful evaluation and certification of security products/systems in Europe, developing a methodology and presenting a roadmap to achieve this impact.

CRISP has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Program for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 607941. Re-use of the information contained on this website for commercial and/or non-commercial purposes is authorised and free of charge, on the condition of acknowledgement by the re-user of the source of the relevant document, no distortion of the original meaning or message of the document and the non-liability of the CRISP consortium and/or partners for any consequence stemming from the re-use. The CRISP consortium does not accept responsibility for the consequences, errors or omissions herein enclosed. The information on the website and the documents is subject to updates, revisions and extensions by the CRISP consortium.

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