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The overall objective of CRISP is to enhance existing security evaluation and certification schemes by offering an innovative evaluation methodology that integrates the security, trust, efficiency and freedom infringement assessment dimensions. The proposed scheme will be based on a taxonomy encompassing a variety of security products and services across applications.  It will take into account the varying roles of a diverse stakeholder community including manufacturers, regulatory and certification bodies, data protection authorities and end users and engage with each group to gather insights to help avoid acceptance problems that challenge current schemes.

In relation to this overall objective CRISP will:

  1. Create a taxonomy of security products and systems, concepts of operations, application areas, performance and set out criteria for comparing security products and systems.
  2. Provide an historical perspective on security standards and certification in Europe and analyse the state of the art in security standards, certification and accreditation at the Member State, regional and international level.
  3. Identify and determine the role of different stakeholders, gauge their views on the challenges affecting security certification and determine requirements for a harmonised EU-wide approach.
  4. Examine the core dimensions (such as security, trust, efficiency, freedom infringement) of security product certification and present the requirements for enhancing existing evaluation and certification schemes.
  5. Present a certification methodology, policy and procedures for security products, test-drive, evaluate and refine it.
  6. Present a roadmap for adopting the proposed certification scheme and work towards enhancing acceptance of the new certification measures.
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